All Rose, Everything.

Roses are the universal symbol of love and beauty so it seems only fitting that they can work wonders on healing skin ailments and adult acne too.

From rose water toner to rose petal infused baths. The potency of the humble rose really is a powerhouse of healing qualities. Below are my 5 personally tried and tested favorite rose infused products…


1. DoTerra Rose oil

This oil is only available once a year proving how seasonal and REAL DoTerra’s oils really are. I love peppering this oil in with a carrier (I use sweet almond oil) and rubbing it on my pulse points as my go-to scent and also for a myriad of uplifting reasons one being that Rose holds a higher frequency than any other oil on the planet. A higher frequency means you are connecting to the divine at a deeper level (might sound whack – I know). But with such connection you are able to call in what it is you need. In the case of adult acne, you are calling in healing and unconditional love on an emotional level.


2. Sakara’s Beauty water

This infused beverage is simple but oh so powerful. Filtered water, organic rose water, silica and trace minerals are a supreme combination for supporting skin radiance. Rose water helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues whilst also aiding gut microbiome.


3. Dr Bronner’s Rose castile soap

This has been my staple body wash for years now – it was one of the first switches I made from generic products to a more conscious choice. It is made on castile soap and hemp oil and is infused with rose oil. Its scent is potent – some people find it a little too much but I love it. Rose essential oil is said to be a warrior to the heart, as someone who has dealt with lots of grief in the past five years I feel that using rose as a wash is healing and supportive of what my body needs. So not only am I supporting my external skin but I am also supporting my emotional skin too.


4. Living Libations Rose moisturizer

This botanically infused blend of all things dreamy-for-the skin consists of shea, seabuckthorn, jojoba, aloe, rose water and rose otto essential oil amongst a triage of other beautifying ingredients. This moisturizer penetrates the skin and leaves the skin feeling like red velvet. The ingredients in this decadent cream hydrate, soothe, and restore skin cells and leave your face positively glowing.


5. Heritage Rose Petal Rosewater

Rosewater is typically spritzed on the faces of women with sensitive skin or rosacea, due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. For treating adult acne or just to refresh skin, applying rosewater as a tonic reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin and provides hydration to skin cells.