"Know Yourself" A Key Prescription for Healthier Skin

So lately I've been head down in Dr Grossbart's book 'Skin Deep' and resonating with so much of his wisdom. He talks about how our skin is the only organ that is not protected by the walls of the body and as our largest organ and more vulnerable part of our body it is often a direct display of our internal conflicts and emotions. He talks about healing our skin by knowing ourselves at the most deepest level. One of my favorite paragraphs in the book is: 

"Understanding your conflicts, needs, and fears – understanding your skin's emotional life – is also the most important first step toward controlling the psychological factors that cause, trigger, or aggravate your disease. For this reason, self-diagnosis is the groundwork. You'll learn why "know yourself" is a key part of the prescription for healthier skin". 

This makes all too much sense to me and something I work with in my one-on-one sessions on a regular basis. Healing skin conditions is so much more than changing up your diet. Whilst food is 110% a key player in skin radiance and can work in a myriad of ways to either heal or defect your skin further. Emotional health is also a serious candidate to get real with. Grossbart poses a series of questions to ask yourself in order to get deeper with the real you and peel back on your layers to discover what turmoil could really be presenting in the form of skin issues. Some of the ones that really stood out to me are listed below. You can find the entire online copy of his book along with the entire list of questions here.


1.    How do you dress?

Your second skin may play out the same scenario as your real skin.

2. What does your body say about you?

Postures, stances, and movement styles express our relationship with others.

3. What tones of voice do you use?

Become aware of how you sound in conversation. Do you always speak with the same voice? Most of us lapse into different intonations and vocabularies to fit the occasion. This can reveal our identifications, the aspects of other people we've swallowed whole.

4. What troubles do you have with other people?

Conversely, you can learn much about yourself by becoming more aware of your own reactions. Does weakness make you especially angry? Duplicity? Arrogance? We often accuse others of things we fear finding in ourselves, and any disproportionate response suggests emotionally charged issues. 

By doing the work to engage further with the layers deep within us, that can often be sensitive and difficult to view – we are able to gage a clearer understanding of what it is that can be presenting through bodily ailments, in this case – the skin. Understanding that the skin is communicating with us through blemishes and other skin conditions opens up a conversation that can be shared between you and the deepest part of your self. A conversation that takes time and patience and an extra special ear/eye. Often nudging these deep wounds can be a means for the symptoms to get worse before they get better. View it as a purge, an emotional release, an emotional detox. Hold your hand through the motions, be easy on yourself. If you are looking for further guidance along with holistic nutritional support, I am available for sessions within New York City and also online.