Celery Juice + Raj Barker. A match NOT made in heaven.

Hear me out. There is this craze that is sweeping through NYC (and definitely beyond) that has had the health community in a joyful frenzy of glowing skin, improved digestions, less anxiety, better sleep and the list goes on. CELERY JUICE! What’s not to get curious about this mystical, stupidly-simple green elixir? I couldn’t ignore it any more…
One thing I will boast about my role as a nutritionist is that I have basically tried it all. Paleo, Vegan, Fruitarian (15 bananas a day, yo), Juice fasts, Mono dieting, Vegetarianism, Raw, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free…If someone has something to say about how it changed their life, I will give it a go. Sometimes not even by choice (but we’ll save my fruit fast and personal combat of Grave’s Disease for another time). I like experimenting, I’m a curious person by nature but more importantly, I am FASCINATED by the way diet impacts our life and the huge impacts we can have on our wellbeing through what we choose to consume versus what we choose to avoid on a daily basis.
As the Medical Medium - Anthony Williams, featured more and more in my Instagram feed and as close friends (sources I could trust) continued to rave about the benefits this small addition to their morning made. I knew that I had no other option but to jump all aboard the celery juicing train.

NOW, don’t get me wrong. I think the Medical Medium is a very smart man. His deep rooted knowledge on the effects of 16oz of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning is nothing short of admirable and I am sure that this protocol has healed and positively impacted the masses. You can read about the science behind it, here. I told myself when I started that I would do three months of juicing as a trial period and if all went well, I too would buy the juicer and somehow store it in my tiny NYC apartment and add yet another permanent fixture to my already abundant morning routine. I started on Wednesday 09th January 2019 and already had a map of celery juice outlets that coincided with my mornings. Some close to home, others on the other side of town near my private client’s apartments. I was prepared! All was going seemingly well until 5 days later, on Sunday 12 January, I was at dinner with some friends and I started to feel a throbbing pain in my left eyelid. When I woke up the following morning, a gigantic stye has taken up residency in that eye and by the end of the day, I was unable to even open my eye completely.

I had also developed some horrific flu-like symptoms and proceeded to spend the next week in bed, swapping out hot compresses on my eye like it was MY JOB. The morning celery juice continued.

By the Saturday, the flu situation had subsided but my eye had taken on a whole new life of it’s own. I had seen two doctors, both of which told me there was nothing I could do except continue to apply warm compresses and try to manage my stress levels. After an emotional plea, one of them agreed to prescribe me antibiotic eyedrops and I started dripping them in my sorry eye on the hour, every hour. A whole week passed. NOTHING.

Something else that had changed was the general appearance of my skin. I sweat for a job so have put down imperfections to the nature of my life. I unfortunately will never be that girl with a flawless complexion but this change had me looking like my late Dalmatian pup, Rosie. Only my spots were not black, they were red, and they consumed my chest, upper arms, back, neck and even some on my stomach. I was freaking out. The celery juice continued.

One thing I will mention is the all-important healing crisis that one can experience when they put their body in a state of detox. So, I convinced myself that that was what was happening and began researching what people in similar situations to me had done. I found one video here from Peggy Schirmer (which actually wasn’t a recall of her own experience with a healing crisis but her info made sense to me). I took her sage advice, invested in Hawaiian Spirulina and started knocking it back like a true champion. Skin got worse. By this point, I was having a very interesting gut reaction that left me with no choice but to remain close to a bathroom at all times, especially in the first half of the day. My ability to fall asleep was flailing, something that I usually excel at. My energy levels were much the same and once asleep, I was fine. But these other changes were very significant to me. On Monday Feb 18th, after five and a half weeks of morning celery juice (without fail) I decided to throw in the towel and that night, on my second visit to an Ophthalmologist, I had two syringes prodded into my upper left eyelid to drain the fluid that was not budging from the stye that would not go away. I also started a dose of antibiotics and as I write this on Friday afternoon of that same week. My eye is almost 100% better and my skin has also settled a whole lot (still not back to normal).

I can’t help but think that, yes, the eye syringes and antibiotics have helped but also - WHAT WAS CELERY JUICE DOING TO ME? I’m not sharing this story to freak anyone out but rather to circle back to one of my fundamental beliefs of nutritional medicine: What works for one person, does not work for every person. I do question if had I have persisted for the three months I set out to trial, would my skin and eye and body be a ray of golden light? Or is it that the juice just aint for me? I guess we’ll never know because as of this moment - my celery juice boots are hanging out to dry and I don’t even like them anyway. I want a new pair.

The moral to the story is that your body is always in a state of communication and your feedback will be different from the person next to you. Whilst every other person I know is in an official relationship with celery juice, I have decided that we just weren't right for each other and while I respect the trend, it is just a hefty reminder to do what feels right by me. So if you are living your best celery juice life - you have my blessing, go forth dear friend but if you are not reaping the benefits, maybe it’s just not your thang…You get to decide!