5 Digestion Hacks for Acne

      1. Drink warm water

This is a technique that my Ayurvedic doctor taught me. By drinking a cup of warm water first thing in the morning you are gently awakening the digestive fire or agni that exists inside all of us. Warm water helps to flush out toxins that have accumulated through the night and increases tightness in the intestines, encouraging elimination. A lack of water in the body generally results in constipation, which is detrimental when it comes to treating acne. Stimulating bowel movements with the help of warm water supports the breakdown of foods as they pass through the intestines and quickly gets you back to a properly functioning digestive system.

2.  Squeeze lemon juice on EVERYTHING

Generally speaking, antioxidants are something I look to consume on the regular. However this is even more important when you are trying to beat down acne. Lemon juice contains flavonoids, which are said to contain a heap of antioxidants. Lemons also alkaline the body and therefore bring PH levels into balance AKA reduce inflammation, another bonus! Whilst the flavour is more than delicious, it’s also versatile. I squeeze half a lemon into salad dressings, over baked veggies, into smoothies, over avocado or egg (or both) on toast, over fruit and yogurt – literally, you can add it to the majority of meals you eat in a day and the soluble fibre it Is made up of also helps your digestion. WIN!

3. Chew your food

It’s the simplest way to give your digestive system a hand…CHEW! Even when you are consuming a liquid smoothie or fresh juice, still chew. Chewing secretes digestive enzymes and signals to the digestive tract that there is incoming traffic.

The difference between digesting a piece of food that has been chewed 5 times versus 20 times is massive when it enters the digestion process. By chewing 20= times you are breaking down the food into an smooth consistency making it easy for the body to distinguish and disperse nutrients. Swallowing food that is still formed means energy needs to be used to further break down the food before it can be sorted. So be kind – chew your food properly!

4. Take digestive enzymes

I must say I am not a huge fan of consuming digestive enzymes long term. The body can get used to us supplying the enzymes and get lazy with producing them when supplementation has ceased, hence why some people take them all the time. I do believe sporadic and often short-term use can be highly beneficial. If we give the body the tools it requires, it is smart and will be able to regenerate itself. Look for a digestive enzyme that contains proteases, lipase, amalase and carbohydrases.


5. Eat enyzme-rich food
While your body produces enzymes all of it’s own, certain foods are naturally contain high levels of enzymes and can add ease to the digestion process when consumed.

In particular raw foods contain the most enzymes so adding a portion of raw food to every meal is a great way to support digestion.

Below is a list of enzyme rich foods:

+ Pineapple

+ Papaya

+ Coconut

+ Ginger

+ Onion

+ Raw honey (local is best)

+ Banana

+ Avocado

+ Flaxseeds

+ Greek yogurt

+ Shitake + Maitake mushrooms