Give Yourself Permission to Move + Feel

Sounds simple right? You’re thinking “Of course I give myself permission to move and when someone hurts me or loves me, I feel it”. I’m not discounting this, I’m saying go deeper. Just as acne is deeper than a skin issue, it takes a deeper level of healing than a good face wash and some vegetables.

Spiritually, acne is linked to anger, and refusing to like and accept yourself as you are. Acne can be a result of stuck emotions, a lack of expression and feelings of frustration.

When you physically move, as in you set yourself some time aside to work up a sweat, in a suitable outfit and with no distractions – you get “stuff” moving, you get unstuck and you circulate energy and emotion. Both positive and negative – either way, it’s beneficial.

It’s important to find a practice of movement that is suitable to you, for me running is torture but give me a yoga mat and block and I am like a pig in mud. Find something that feels good in your body, something that forces you to focus on your breath and something that evokes sweat.

The movement should be a combination of intense and soft, of ying and yang, masculine and feminine. Moving to the point of exhaustion is detrimental and can release the stress hormone cortisol in excess (small amounts of cortisol are necessary) and cause adrenal fatigue. Because exercise temporarily deviates the body from its natural state (homeostasis) it is inevitable that cortisol is released, especially if it is not performed frequently. Consistency is key. Consistency gifts the body the tools to handle stress appropriately. High stress is heavily correlated with acne.

I always feel that I need to really MOVE it out when periods of stress arise, otherwise it settles and becomes a part of me. With intentional movement and all that comes with it (me-time, more self-awareness, a deeper breath, the ability to remove myself from my day and go inward etc), I have the tools to disperse the feelings of stress, of any negativity that I am carrying about myself or topics involving me and I am able to allow myself to release whatever it is I choose to let go of.

After a sweat session, try to shower quickly after. Sweat is a way that your body releases toxins, if the toxins stay on the surface of your skin for too long, it can result in an irritation or a breakout.